Or maybe I am dead?

Remember when I said “BOOK TWO FINISHED THIS WEEKEND!”?  Well turns out I didn’t write at all.

What I did do this weekend:

Went on a quest for Twinkies.
Watched Breaking Dawn Part Two, even though we never watched Part One.
Read a bunch of smut… for “research”
And just generally snuggled up with the hubs.
Hung out with some long lost friends.
Re-watched “Letters to Juliet” and “Penelope”

Sorry, but it turns out my depressed pants are still on and I needed one last weekend to just blah the fuck out.

This week though… this week Imma finish book two. Of course, I forgot my flash drive today and so I can’t work on it here, but still! THIS WEEK!


I’m not dead. I think

I know, all signs point to the contrary since I basically dropped off the face of the planet.  I am still around though.  Alive and sort of living.  See at the end of last month something rather unexpected happened.  I was torn on if I should post it here or not, and I decided not to because there’s still a lot of hurt involved. At the same time I came down with that death plague that’s been going around New Hampshire and actually spent Halloween in bed because I couldn’t actually sit up.

Both of these, coupled with my vain attempts at participating in NaNoWriMo (and failing miserably) mean that I barely touched my writing in… well weeks now.

That’s okay though, because I’m back on track now. The story I really want to tell is book eight or something (the evil lady villain is loosely based on someone from the real world, and I just really want to write about her) so I’m dedicated to finishing book two this weekend. Hopefully book three won’t torture me quite so much and will be written in the twoish weeks it should take me to write a novella.

I FOUND AN EXCERPT!  It’s unpolished and probably sucks a load of monkey balls, but click more to read it. Continue reading

October Wrap-Up

GDI now I want a wrap. Maybe a chicken ceaser on spinach wrap. Yeah, that sounds tasty…

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone out there know how things went down in the month of October.

The Monster Within sales:
Kobo: 1 copy sold
Print: 4 copies sold
Kindle: 74 copies sold!
Nook: Don’t even get me started on those mother fuckers.

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An update on book two

I started it.  I swear to God I did.  I even have 17,000 plus words down.  (For perspective, The Monster Within is just over 30,000 words)  When I opened it last night to work on it though, I ran into a problem.  As it turns out, I am barely literate.  (Seriously, if you read that draft, you would cringe) so instead of working on that… or thinking about the plotting for the four (FUCKING FOUR) books that I (Ginny) have to choose between to work on in November…

I watched Clueless.

Don’t judge me.

Of wolves and songs

Did I ever tell y’all about my werewolf series? And yes, I’m a New England girl who uses the word y’all. I like the way it sounds. Sue me. Anyways, did I? Tell you about it I mean? Well I’m telling you now so I guess it doesn’t matter. I have a series of werewolf stories that may be novellas or novels with switching main characters in the works. I was going to call the series “that time of the month” and yes I am aware that this means the series will have to be tongue in cheek. I plan to put tongues in lots of places during the series, so why wouldn’t cheeks be on the list? For book titles though, I was going to go with the names of songs about wolves. You know, like “Howl” and “Bark at the Moon” and “Werewolves in London” and… okay, those were the only three I came up with. Which was a problem since I had five books in mind.

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In which there are grey areas

I you follow both Lola and Ginny, I’m sorry that you’re reading this twice. It’s an important issue to me though, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

I woke up this morning (October 10th) just struggling. Struggling with lackluster sales, with too many ideas in my head, with what to write for this guest post, and… well… with the two people that live in my brain. Technically there are three, but I know where the line between my civilian self and my two author personas is.

Because of this new identity crisis I decided that maybe I should be talking to you, the public, about my new dilemma. See, originally I started writing without a pen name in mind. Well I had one, but it sucked. Then sometime pre-July 2011 I ran across a steampunk name generator, and thus, Ginny Lurcock was born. Ever since, I’ve been building the Ginny Lurcock brand name on twitter, with my blog, reviewing at Pure Textuality and just generally putting myself out there. I wrote a vampire novel (that, on advice of counsel, I have to stop calling YA because there’s a little tiny bit of heavy petting). I started and then abruptly halted on a super hero novel, a YA about the descendants of gods, the story of a thief (who has been my constant companion in some form or another since age sixteen) and a thousand other half baked ideas. Continue reading