Magic in the Mounting Darkness World

So because I know there are going to be questions, and you’re going to want answers, I came up with this quick guide to Magic in the Mounting Darkness world.

Magic users:

Those born with the genetic ability to call upon a chosen element.  Each element provides a different flavor of magic, and it manifests differently in every person.  So while Nicole can, theoretically, call up the wind and use it like a battering ram someone else might be able to use it to levitate.

Ever since science got its claws into the world though, magic has been declining.  And as always, some people who have power will do anything to keep it making it so there are some not so nice magic users running around and causing trouble for the rest of the population.

A prime example of that trouble is the creation of Changelings.


“Normal” humans twisted by a dark magic that has long believed to be forgotten, changelings are feared and reviled because of their unnatural abilities.  If we’re being honest though, it’s partially because of the fact that none have been created in an age and as is usually the case, time and retellings have twisted the stories of these unfortunate creatures.  Thanks to bad PR, these beings of legend have become the bogeymen of the magical world.

Berserkers:  Oh my poor sweet berserkers.  Twisted and broken by magic until they’re unable to control their anger.  Once they hit their breaking point, or given certain triggers (which vary from berserker to berserker) they go into a rage -their bodies morphing and their eyes going an eerie shade of white – that they are unable to return from until they’ve been assured that their enemies have been neutralized.

Trackers:  Able to track a falcon on a cloudy day, trackers are… listen, this one is kind of self explanatory.  They can track things.  Really, REALLY well.  Book five will give you your first peak at a tracker in action, so I’ll be leaving the details of just how they track vague until then.

Those who kill in silence:  Not much is known about these changelings, considered to be myths by people who grew up knowing the bogeyman was real (Nicole, I’m looking at you).  Which is my way of saying “I’ve still only got a vague idea of what this means and I kind of want it to be a surprise in book three when I fully flesh it out.” For now, we’ll just say they’re magically enhanced assassins and leave it at that.

Whatever the effe Icarus is: Nice try.  If Nicole won’t tell Gideon after his very convincing argument, I’m certainly not spilling the beans, nameless person on the internet.

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