About me

…the story of Lola…

A pseudonym within a pseudonym, Lola Rayne is a creation of Ginny Lurcock‘s fevered imagination. Less a person, and more of a secret garden of vice where her weird and twisted imaginings are allowed to run, jump, and play.

One that’s now open to the public with lovely guided tours.

And really, that’s all thanks to a girl’s night out.

(This story is less smexy than you’d imagine. I just want to say that right up front.)

See, on this particular evening out, we were discussing bad indie books. Or to be more accurate, bad indie smut. You know what I’m talking about, the ones with the horrible covers, horrible titles, and if you have the misfortune of actually looking inside one… *shudder* Well lets just say the covers and titles do not do the content justice. Yet somehow, these books (that are $2.99 for 50 pages, mind you) are still on the bestsellers list.

All was well until my friend uttered the one phrase guaranteed to burrow it’s way into my brain. “I bet you could do better than that…”

Well fuck.

The seed was planted, but of course I couldn’t come up with any clever ideas. Sure I’d joked about writing ghost porn when I first started writing, but since my idea was meant to be absurd I couldn’t even think about it without giggling. With no new smexy ideas presenting themselves, I returned to my comfortable world of not quite YA.

I was hard at work on the story of a girl who got the shit end of the super power lottery when, as always, I got an idea just on the periphery of my imagination. It flitted around, slowly gaining both mass and inertia, but I was sticking to my guns. I was going to finish a story for once goddamnit and it was going to be spectacular.

Then my flash drive crashed.

Well to be fair, I upgraded to a newer, shinier, bigger flash drive and that decided it wanted to corrupt my files. My desire for pretty new techno toys cost me Discordia.

With nothing else standing in it’s way* the tale of girl running from her past and the man who wants to be more than a monster came crashing in, refusing to be denied any longer. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So welcome into the deep dark parts of my deranged mind. Feel free to look around. Just be sure to stay on the path… some ideas are more dangerous than others.

*now that I type this, I’m actually a little convinced that this series had something to do with the death of Discordia. Like it’s some jealous lover who’s not entirely right in the head and decided the only way to get my attention was to remove the competition with extreme prejudice.

Guys, I’m a little scared…

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