Forgive me internet, for I have sinned.  It’s been two months (and one day) since my last blog post…

Actually five months now. Since, you know, I started this post and then never finished it. I really will try to do better. Honest. Here and on Ginny. Promise.

(which is totes just a pie crust promise. Easily made and easily broken. Yes I have been watching a bunch of Mary Poppins)

But that’s neither here nor there, because I have an update! (the rest of this post was cross posted on If you read it there, it hasn’t changed)

On Monday, while I was at an appointment I REALLY did not want to be at, I got a reminder on my phone. At first I thought it was the “take your birth control dumbass” reminder popping up again even though I’d cleared it. Since I hadn’t gotten the prescription refilled yet. And would be doing that later in the day.


(Also, I ended up making my husband go and get it because I was too grumbly)

It wasn’t about the birth control though.

It was “publication date for book three”

I just sat there, surrounded by people who had made poor life decisions, wishing I could stop feeling like a total twat. See, the reminder was to publish book three in the Mounting Darkness series, but it’s not written yet. Heck, book two isn’t even written yet. Not even a first draft.

I am a total jackass.

Which obviously means I tweeted about it. And of course, because other authors feel similar pressures, I got a response from the lovely and talented Elizabeth Barone


Which is why showering just got shit canned.

So this is what my writing schedule looks like at the moment:

First I’m going to finish Estate of Affairs. Mainly because it’s a good story and I want to get it out there, but also because I cannot leave another project half finished. I can’t do it.

Then I’m working on the sequel of Bad Blood.

After that I’ll write the second and third Mounting Darkness books

Then if I haven’t gone crazy I’ll actually give my Sci-Fi romp it’s fair shake.

If you don’t hear from me again… I’m probably under a stack of papers and you should send help


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