Head fuzzy.

Want to sleep.

Why can’t I sleep?

Oh yeah, because I have to go to that work thing…

Actually, it’s not that bad that I have to go to work. If I didn’t, I’d still be snuggled up in my bed not posting an update on here for the three hundred and sixty-second day in a row. Okay it’s more like a month and some change… but seriously, I am shit at updating.

Honestly, I briefly considered just moving this site’s information over to ginnylurcock.com but that seemed like a lot of work. Instead I resolved to actually post updates whenever I have them.

So here’s the first one.

Even though I don’t have a name yet for book two in the Mounting Darkness world (well I do, but it sucks) I am kind of sort of nearly almost finished with the first draft. I have to polish up two chapters, write a smutty one, actually write an ending, polish what I have before the ending, and write the prologue.

I know that sounds like a ton, but honestly if you knew how stuck I was before you’d think it was amazing. And I’m pretty confident it would’ve been done for today, had I not developed a massive fucking cold and spent all weekend in bed whining and being a miserable little bitch.

My goal is to get it finished and to it’s alpha reader (my darling husband) by next weekend. Once he frowns at me and shakes his head and goes “how do you come up with this shit?” followed by “it’s good, except for the sex parts” I’ll send it over to Jena to read.

Then it’ll be time to start on the third book. Which I do have a name for. And a beginning. I just don’t have anything after that.

Yes, I am aware this is an issue…


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