I’m not dead. I think

I know, all signs point to the contrary since I basically dropped off the face of the planet.  I am still around though.  Alive and sort of living.  See at the end of last month something rather unexpected happened.  I was torn on if I should post it here or not, and I decided not to because there’s still a lot of hurt involved. At the same time I came down with that death plague that’s been going around New Hampshire and actually spent Halloween in bed because I couldn’t actually sit up.

Both of these, coupled with my vain attempts at participating in NaNoWriMo (and failing miserably) mean that I barely touched my writing in… well weeks now.

That’s okay though, because I’m back on track now. The story I really want to tell is book eight or something (the evil lady villain is loosely based on someone from the real world, and I just really want to write about her) so I’m dedicated to finishing book two this weekend. Hopefully book three won’t torture me quite so much and will be written in the twoish weeks it should take me to write a novella.

I FOUND AN EXCERPT!  It’s unpolished and probably sucks a load of monkey balls, but click more to read it.

This time her smile was genuine, and it was even more unsettling than the false one.  “Would you rather she was paired with someone else?  Tomahawk perhaps?  Or Serge?  He always was a smooth talking son of a bitch.  That way while you’re worrying about her safety you can also be worrying that someone is claim jumping you.”  Without permission, a growl issued from somewhere in the back of his throat.  It only made her smile widen.  “Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought.  Besides, the ride will do you two good.”  His eyebrow quirking all on its own was enough to get her to continue.  “Well you have some things to talk about, don’t you?  And I’m reasonably certain that Spitfire can keep the two of you from killing each other.”  She blinked, as if she was suddenly unsure of that fact.  “Probably.  Listen, don’t kill my new platoon-mate-in-law in Monty’s new SUV of doom, ok?  I don’t want to deal with two lectures.” 

With a pat on his shoulder, she too turned and left the room leaving him all alone. 

You can enter the Mounting Darkness world via it’s first novella, The Monster Within.  Available where ever I’ve listed it for sale. (see links below)

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