Of wolves and songs

Did I ever tell y’all about my werewolf series? And yes, I’m a New England girl who uses the word y’all. I like the way it sounds. Sue me. Anyways, did I? Tell you about it I mean? Well I’m telling you now so I guess it doesn’t matter. I have a series of werewolf stories that may be novellas or novels with switching main characters in the works. I was going to call the series “that time of the month” and yes I am aware that this means the series will have to be tongue in cheek. I plan to put tongues in lots of places during the series, so why wouldn’t cheeks be on the list? For book titles though, I was going to go with the names of songs about wolves. You know, like “Howl” and “Bark at the Moon” and “Werewolves in London” and… okay, those were the only three I came up with. Which was a problem since I had five books in mind.

(There is a point to this, I promise)

What do you do when you need random information? You Google the shit out of it. Which I did and I found several lists with more songs than I could shake a stick at (and no YouTube link… because we apparently live in the fucking dark ages.) I found and fell in love (or re-found and re-fell in love) with Valse De La Lune from Wolf’s Rain. A series I own all of and would really love to call in tomorrow and watch all of.

Then I would scroll down and get to Wolf Moon by Type O Negative


Listen, I fucking love me some Type O Negative. I cried when Peter Steele died. Real tears. While yelling “I always thought we’d have more time!” (We skipped their last tour.) I’m still in mourning. Not only that, but I love Wolf Moon. It is the perfect example of how powerful, creepy and somehow deeply sensual Type O Negative is. I know what you’re thinking, those of you who are not Type O fans. Why wouldn’t that be the perfect song for your smexy series about werewolves? Well for one very important reason.

It’s not about wolves.

It’s about going down on a girl during her period.

You know what, I’m going to say that again. In bold. Because I feel like it deserves repeating.

It’s about going down on a girl during her period.

Not werewolves.


And now that you know that internet, I can go to sleep. My work here is done.

And since I’m talking about the series, I’m launching it’s very own page. Wow… that looks really weird up there, I should make a category to hide the page in.


2 thoughts on “Of wolves and songs

  1. Ok, so this is great and I am looking forward to the series. But there is a bigger issue here. Who DOESN’T like Type O??? Ahh, Cinnamon Girl. Probably the ONLY song of theirs I even know the name of but that song just gives me chills. My sister and her ex-boyfriend werre HUGE fans of TON and they are the ones that got me into it. I was more of a Nine Inch Nails girl. Still am, really. In a big dorky way. But I give TON their props. R.I.P. Peter Steele.

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