Couple of updates and a goal

Holy balls kids, it has only been one week since I hit publish on “The Monster Within.” It doesn’t feel possible. In fact it feels something like a dream. Or a nightmare. Or just an eternity. I’d like to say I’ve learned a lot in the past week… but I’d have to actually wake up to process those lessons.

(Actually, I did learn something. That I kick ass at battle pets in WoW. But that is neither here nor there)

Thank you again to everyone who’s purchased, read, and/or reviewed “The Monster Within.” You rock my world.

Now, some updates on the second book:

Thanks to some feedback from my beloved husband (who I cannot name because he’s fighting me on his new pseudonym) and my partner-in-crime Jena, I’ve improved the beginning of the book. Part of this improvement is a new prologue, once again from the bad guy’s point of view, and the first chapter being almost as long as chapter nine from book one. But without the chair. It’s a really solid chapter though… even if I do need to somehow squeeze in a character description. I’ve also added a smallish chapter from Gideon’s POV and an even smaller one from Nicole. They’re not the stars of this book (they’ll get another one later) but I wanted to give their fans a peak at how they’re handling their rather abrupt courtship.

I started, as I always do, writing down entire chapters. That’s where I got stuck the first time so I did some dialogue and basic scenes and jumped ahead. And promptly got stuck again. Well after publishing “Monster” and getting amped to get back into the world, I went back with the conviction that I was going to do this right. I firmed up the beginning, filing in the pretty words around the dialogue and then… stopped.

I’m going to have to accept the truth sooner or later. My brain doesn’t work in perfect chapters anymore. It spits out scenes and I just have to jot down the dialogue and some basic stage cues while I try to keep up. Once I get to that place where I’m confident I’ve got the basics sketched out, then I can go back and fill in all the lurid details.

The way things are setup now, with the ideal outline I’d planned in my head, I’m at the halfway point. And I have 16,000+ words. What does this mean? This means that while book two (almost typed in the working name) will be longer than “The Monster Within” it still won’t be novel length. Maybe someday a Mounting Darkness book will be, but that day is not today.

Also, just so everyone can see how bonkers I am (be tee dub, that was an awesome game, Bonkers) this is the spreadsheet I have for the deets of “Book Two; Electric Boogaloo”

Oh, and I think I’ve picked out a cover image, but I’m still waiting to write the rest of the book and see how it feels.

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