Back to business as usual and a big thanks!

Well that was fun, wasn’t it?  I had the flashy front page and we were all whipped into a new release frenzy.  Several people even bought my book and allowed me to break my opening day goal of 25 copies sold!  Thanks to everyone who bought a copy.

I’m still going to be peddling this book.  I mean, I’ve gotta keep trying to push it to new victi… err… readers, but as of right now the site will be far less “Monster Within” centric.  Probably.  One more piece of old business, if you’ve read the book and either loved it or hated it, do me a solid and review it on Amazon or Kobo or  Thanks so much!

Now onto new business:

I’m jazzed to have the pieces of book two falling into place.  Finally.  The beginning was giving me fits, but last night I sat down and retooled the first chapter.  Now it’s in the hands of Jena and my darling husband.  If they tell me that things are looking like fun in the sun, I’ll be off to the races and *other sayings go here*

Seriously, Liza isn’t the character you think she is, and once you peel back the layers of that onion you find some tricky fucker placed a bear trap there.  I got into her head space in the second half of the book and wasn’t able to pull myself back out.  I went to bed obscenely early with a migraine last Friday because it was one of those kind of places.   The ones I’ve been carefully avoiding every since high school…

I think you’ll love this book.  It’s gonna have dire wolves and some rather intense scenes, but that intensity is going to manifest in other aspects of the story too, and I’m struggling to handle that.  I’m almost starting to wonder if I should’ve saved the monster reference for the second book…

Also, the first chapter was over 3,000 words… so I have the sneaking suspicion this book is trying it’s damnedest to drop the -la and just rock the novel status.

5 thoughts on “Back to business as usual and a big thanks!

    • That is an excellent question! One I wish I had a better answer to. Really I think it was more because this was the first try and it was kind of an experiment in a new genre for me. Writing a novella is so much less daunting. Add to that the fact that my preferred length for a smutty book is around this length and it seemed to make sense.

      I do have the sneaking suspicion that book two is trying to be so much more than a novella though. Which I just realized I said in the post.

      So maybe book two is a novella and I just spend a ton of time repeating myself.

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