Please stop suggesting that title…

Once upon a time I was mucking about on the KDP site, formatting “The Monster Within” and just generally being thrilled that I was at a point where I could be mucking about on KDP. Now, KDP requires you to be logged in to Now normally I log into Amazon using my civilian name, but when I set up my KDP site I used my Ginny Lurcock name. (At the time, Lola was just a voice Ginny and my civilian self were both desperately trying to keep in a jar).

So I’m logged into Amazon as Ginny, and I was browsing through the top sellers in erotica for some reason that I’m sure made sense at the time but now I can’t… OH! I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF MY BOOK WAS “EROTICA” OR “EROTIC ROMANCE!” Phew that was going to bug me…

To make a long story short (too late!) I ended up “buying” a couple of the free smut books. Literally a couple. Two. Two smutty books. Now every time I login to Amazon as Ginny to check my sales or mess around with my files I’m not only unable to access my music on my cloud drive (which is a real tragedy) but I’m also subjected to recommendations based on these two purchases.

Ones that include:

  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Gang rape
  • Virgins doing things that will cause tearing
  • Forced Seduction
  • Impregnation Fantasies
  • Lactation Fetishes
  • And what has proven once and for all that I couldn’t be a fury since the idea of doing it with Bigfoot or other more creatures does not get me hot. Not even a little.

Now I’m no prude… obviously… but seriously. I mean, “forced seduction”? What does that even mean? Actually I can figure out what that means, I just don’t really want to contemplate it.

Amazon, I’m begging you, please stop suggesting that title!

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