Magic in the Mounting Darkness World: Part One – Magic Users

In anticipation for the release out “The Monster Within,” the first book in my “Mounting Darkness” series, I’m releasing my quick and dirty (not like that) guide to magic in the Mounting Darkness world in little snippets. Check the blog (or here) daily for updates.

Magic users:

Those born with the genetic ability to call upon a chosen element.  Each element provides a different flavor of magic, and it manifests differently in every person.  So while Nicole can, theoretically, call up the wind and use it like a battering ram someone else might be able to use it to levitate.

Ever since science got its claws into the world though, magic has been declining.  And as always, some people who have power will do anything to keep it making it so there are some not so nice magic users running around and causing trouble for the rest of the population.

A prime example of that trouble is the creation of Changelings.

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