In just under six days “The Monster Within” will be live! And since I’m already acting like a chipmunk on crack, by Tuesday I should be crawling on the ceiling while doing a reasonable impersonation of a frog with my tongue.

Click more for exciting countdown news! (It’s not really exciting, but click more anyways)

So apparently you can’t embed a flash countdown on a free wordpress site, and you can’t embed one on a site that you bought the domain for either. I’m not really sure what kind of wordpress site CAN host a countdown. Maybe some magical voodoo one or something. I was going to check for a countdown that you could host on wordpress… but then pet battles. (Don’t judge me)

Never fear though! There is a countdown hosted here!

There’s also a Facebook event you can join (and tell your friends about)

And starting tomorrow (AMG tomorrow!) I’ll be posting the entries for “Magic in the Mounting Darkness World.” Check back starting tomorrow for fun facts and explanations of the world at the end of my literary rabbit hole.

Oh, and don’t forget that starting Tuesday you can visit my blog tour! You know, once you’ve bought the book and loved it and reviewed it on Amazon or goodreads or where ever. Or even if you don’t.

10/2/2012 Pure Textuality
10/2/2012 Readers Confession
10/3/2012 Scandalicious Book Reviews
10/3/2012 Turning Pages
10/4/2012 The Brunette Librarian
10/4/2012 Jess Resides Here
10/5/2012 Punya Reviews
10/5/2012 We Fancy Books
10/6/2012 Fictional Candy
10/6/2012 Book Lovin’ Mamas
10/7/2012 Bookhi
10/7/2012 Nette’s Bookskelf Reviews
10/8/2012 Books For Company
10/8/2012 Night Owl Reviews
10/8/2012 Page Flipperz

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