The Monster Within, Teaser the Second

One week now.  Just one.  *hysterical giggle* One week until people decide if they love me or hate me.

Anyone got a paper bag?

Remember last week when I said that this meant two things?  (Don’t worry, the only reason I do is because I copied the post…)  Well those two things still fit.

  1. I am currently afloat on a sea of nerves where my highs are excited and my lows involve crying in a dark corner yelling “NO ONE LOOK AT ME”
  2. TEASER!

Click more the check out a little snippet from “The Monster Within.”  This one isn’t fun though, this one is a rather tense moment between hero and heroine.  One that actually has a lot to do with the book’s name.  

Her words were like a bucket of ice right to his crotch, shattering his lustful haze and bringing him back to reality.  Withdrawing his hand from hers as if he’d been burned, he retreated back to his corner of the couch.  That hit just a little too close to home, wounding the man he’d once been and could never be again.  “I’m not a good man,” he proclaimed in a pathetic excuse for an explanation.  What else could he say though?  That he wasn’t even a man at all anymore? 

“Ah, now you’re lying to me Gideon.”  Her eyes held a twinkle, as if even though he’d pulled away, this conversation was going in the direction she wanted.

“No, really, you don’t understand.”  He hoped the look on his face was stern and did not express the confusion her words and expressions invoked in him.  How could she possible understand what he was?  He didn’t fully understand it himself.

“Oh I dunno, I think I might.”  She rocked onto her knees and slowly began to inch her way towards him on the couch, as if she were afraid that if she moved any faster she’d spook him and he’d run.  It was too late though; he was already spooked.

“You don’t know what I am.  What I’m capable of.”  He wasn’t sure who’d okayed those words, since both man and beast had no desire to scare her away.  Perhaps it was some remnant of decency left over from long ago.

“So then tell me Gideon, what are you?”  As she asked, she placed both of her hands on his cheeks.  Somehow she’d managed to get right up in his personal space without him noticing, even though she should want to be light years from here. 

“A monster…” he whispered, hoping that she wouldn’t hear him, but knowing that she would.  Perhaps it was best though.  Now she’d surely leave and he could continue his miserable, lonely existence.

A curiously sad expression entered her eyes right before she gave a wry little laugh.  One that changed her smile from one of kind curiosity to something he couldn’t decipher.  “Oh no honey. I’ve seen monsters, demons straight from hell, and you’re not one of them.”


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