The Monster Within, Teaser the First

Well folks, it is only two short weeks away from the release of my first novella, “The Monster Within.”

This means two things:

  1. I am currently afloat on a sea of nerves where my highs are excited and my lows involve crying in a dark corner yelling “NO ONE LOOK AT ME”
  2. TEASER!

Click more the check out a fun little snippet from “The Monster Within” as Nicole has a run in with her co-worker, Ryland, ( who just happens to be the hero of book two, see what I did there?)  that does not go as expected.

“She was almost perversely happy when she stormed from the stairwell and practically knocked over Ryland.  At least she could count on this interaction going as expected.  He’d call her some kind of nasty name for calling them just so they could show up and find her with her ankles behind her ears.  Then she would call him some slang for male genitalia.  After that they’d tussle in a strictly non-magical capacity, and once one of them was bleeding from somewhere in the region of their face, they’d call it quits.

She’d apologize once again for him bearing the brunt of that tampered-with potion that had been meant for her.  He’d tell her it was done and forgotten.

In a week they’d rinse and repeat.

So when he put a hand on her shoulder, giving it a fierce little squeeze, and told her “not to worry, we’ll get this son of a bitch” while looking at her with pity and concern, she thought she might rupture something.  Not something that would kill her instantly; oh no, that would be too easy.  It would be something embarrassing.  Like her colon.”

One thought on “The Monster Within, Teaser the First

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