Writers have the strangest problems

This is it guys. My first post in my new venture as an… well you know… someone who writes those kinds of books.

No. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right. This is my first official post as a writer of erotic romances. I write erotic romances. I am an author who’s content should not be read by those under the age of 18.

Oh my god, what are my parents going to think?

So I had really wanted this post to be something eloquent and profound. Instead it starts with my panic attack about labeling myself thanks to the stigma surrounding erotic romances and will go downhill from there.


Well I’m glad you asked faceless person behind an anonymous computer screen.

See, I’m writing this story, and I’m stuck. All my “pretty word” brainpower is directed at fixing this tricky little bit of dialogue. I need something powerful and moving for the hero to say to the heroine. You know the type of thing I’m talking about, the one that makes your heart stutter for a moment before it takes off at a gallop.

Oh, and the character has the say this mid coitus.*

And it has to not be so profound or awkward that it would ruin the uh… moment… if you know what I mean.

Which is what lead me to believe that writers really do have the oddest problems. Well that and some of the crazy ass shit I’ve had to Google for “research.”

Man I love my job.

*Funny side note, when I looked up the spelling of that (on my phone, not my work PC, I’m not totally stupid) the auto-fill result was “coitus big bang theory”. Oh Sheldon, how I love you.

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