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Forgive me internet, for I have sinned.  It’s been two months (and one day) since my last blog post…

Actually five months now. Since, you know, I started this post and then never finished it. I really will try to do better. Honest. Here and on Ginny. Promise.

(which is totes just a pie crust promise. Easily made and easily broken. Yes I have been watching a bunch of Mary Poppins)

But that’s neither here nor there, because I have an update! (the rest of this post was cross posted on If you read it there, it hasn’t changed) Continue reading

Book two updates

You’ve probably heard.  Tuesday my flash drive disappeared from my work computer.  Friday it reappeared.


So all that progress I made, yeah it’s all gone.

I was able to recover about 1000 old versions of book two though, and because I just had to read the opening sentence seventy-two times, I thought I’d share it.

Sleep and Gideon hadn’t been on good terms since long before the experiment that turned him into a monster.

There’s a prologue, and the book doesn’t focus on Gideon and Nicole, but if the words are imprinted on the back of my eyelids I figured you should at least know them too.  If nothing else, when I start carving them into the wall you’ll know why.

Coitus Interuptus

As you might have heard, my flash drive was lost (or stolen) earlier in the week. I lost everything I’ve done since January 4th.

What does this mean? You know that day off I took to write? Well anything I worked on after Chapter Seven (which I sent to my husband, thank god) is gone.

I don’t really know what this means, because I’ve been too upset to even open book two since it means I lost:

  • A card game I was developing.
  • The end of part twenty of Lydia, where I’d gotten myself out of the corner I’d written myself into.

Right now, I’m frantically combing through Bad Blood making sure that it’s solid… as soon as that’s done, I’ll be fixing book two.

I’m going to go sucker punch someone…

One last update before the new year

Ever have that moment where you go into the bathroom to take a shower and something skitters across the floor and you jump straight into the air and start shrieking like a banshee convinced it’s some spider demon from the lowest pits of hell that will devour every last shred of your soul… only to find out it’s actually some bundle of lint discarded from the washing machine?

See what I did there? Wrote the longest and most nonsensical sentence in the history of forever in some kind of hope that you would be distracted and say “but Ginny, you practically vanished at the end of October.”

I know. I’m sorry. I wish I could say it won’t happen again, but I know my demons better than that. I wish I could tell you some kind of reason why, but explaining what happened and saying sorry had become a demon in its own right, keeping me from posting and getting back to my life.

Instead, I’m going to wish all of you a very happy holiday, and tell you that I’m going to be absent probably until after the New Years. I know this really isn’t a change, but I’m resolving right now that come New Years, I’ll be back to the Ginny/Lola that you remember.